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Herbal Skin Care Oil (New)

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Herbal Skin Care Oil (New)

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Եѳاǡ ԴѹاǾó¹ Ѻռ

Freshen and moisturize your facial and body skin.

Ը / Directions

´ѹاŧ ٺ͹ҧ ѧҡҺӷء зѹا Һҧբ

Apply on your body after shower. Or use with a cotton pad to wipe off your makeup.

ǹСͺ / Ingredients

Cocos nucifera oil, Olive oil, Curcuma longa root extract, Zingiber Cassumunar root oil ( mix with chamois grease )

ѹо - ѺùǴ˹ 鹡Ѻ ͧ
ѹС͡ - ӤҴ дͧ ԵԹ E ٧
ѹ - 繹ѹ աѺдѺ
, Թѹ - ԵԹ E ٧蹡ѹ дͧ

ҳط / NET WT.

100 ml.

ŢѺ 10-1-5747282 







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