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Herbal Facial Scrub

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Herbal Face Scrub

ԵѳѴ˹ Դ ѴҺ اǾó¹

This scrub soap buff away dead surface cells while replenishing and leaving your skin feeling silky soft.


Ը / Directions

ҧ˹Ҵ ѡѴعͼҺ͹״ Ѵ˹ Ӥ мǡ ҡҧ͡

Clean your face well. Place herbal face scrub on your palm and mixed with Punjasri's shower cream or low fat milk, gently scrub on your face, neck and body, then rinse throughly.

ǹСͺ / Ingredients

Talc, Limonia acidissima bark powder, Curcuma zedoaria root powder, Curcuma amada rhizome extract, Acacia concinna fruit extract, Zingiber cassumunar root powder, Borneol

Ӽ - ż Ǫ
Թ;ͧ - ҨҡԹ ͧʵء͹͹㹡æäҡԹ͹
ú, ʹ - 繷˹ѧ
ʡѴҡ, - ͧͧǾóͧ
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ҳط / NET WT.

100  g.

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