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Facial & Body Scrub Soap

Ҥ 50 ҷ
Herbal Facial & Body Scrub Soap (S)

ԵѳѴзӤҴ˹ ǡ Դʺ͹ ѴҺ اǾó¹

This scrub soap buff away dead surface cells while replenishing and leaving your skin feeling silky soft.

Ը / Directions

Ѵ 2-3 駵ѻ Ѻ Һعûѭ 繼Ŵ觢

After bathing, use the scrup soap all over body, use twice a week.

ǹСͺ / Ingredients

Calcium carbonate, Honey, Cera Alba, Tamarindus indica leaf extract, Curcuma longa root extract, Zingiber cassumunar root powder

ʡѴҡ, - ͧͧǾóͧ
Ӽ - ż ˹ѧ
Т - աô͹ ԵԹ C
ҹҤ - ѹ÷Ǿ˹ ᢹ е

ҳط / NET WT.

45  g.

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